The origin of San Gregorio winery, passed from one generation to another, goes back to a family tradition devoted to loving the land and the harvest.
In 2001 the company started to expand the sales worldwide, establishing itself as the producer of Prosecco of Valdobbiadene.

Our filosofy

We take care of our vineyards located in Valdobbiadene with a lot of passion. We look after the wine in each specific part of its production using new technologies which provide a better realization of the winemaking process.
The passion and knowledge inherited from our grandparents inspired us to produce high quality wine.
Our family warmly welcome visitors who want to have an unforgettable experience in our vineyards learning about the origin of our San Gregorio Prosecco.

Respect of our land

Environmentally friendly, our winery lies in one of the most beautiful vineyards valleys in the world, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
We recognize the priceless value of our land and respect the shift of cultivation. We only use chemical free product to treat the vines, and we weed out the vineyard by hand.
The respect of the environment and nature is for us a core principle that reflects the choices of raw material and the quality of our products.

The ancient roots of San Gregorio

San Gregorio (St. Gregory) is the name of a neighborhood of Valdobbiadene and the name our vineyard. A happy choice, as the name adorns the history of a labor town, where the vine creates an unplanned natural garden.

The ancient church, towering since centuries, is dedicated to S. Gregory the Great.
It was consecrated in 1603 and today it is admirably restored.
A small church adjacent to small cloister has been around since the 14th century. Here the Benedictine and Capuchin Fathers worked for the benefit of the community. Periods of neglect followed until the Republic of Venice decreed the suppression of many monasteries, including St. Gregory. After the end of the Republic, French and Austrian troops stopped along, those bringing great inconvenience. After the First World War, the Church was used as the seat of the parish: to Gregory the Great, the great Parson and great Reformer, to whom Valdobbiadene has always paid great devotion.
All this honors the past, the traditions and the culture of this land. To drink soberly and peacefully at “San Gregorio” farm has a special significance, everything turns on again. The precious gold of the goblets gives us the strength, the justifiable pride and entrusts us the task to love, respect, protect, and enhance the fruits of our Land.