The harvest

Our winery is 5 hectares, 12 acres, of Glera Vineyards.
Following a family tradition, the harvest is thoroughly done by hand.
When the grapes ripe and have the right sugar level, usually between the end of September and beginning of October, it is time right time to harvest.

The wine making progress

Once the harvest is done, first the destemming and then the pressing process begins in our underground cellar. We use high technological equipment able to act in a soft and delicate way by extracting only the best part of the must, which come from the core of the grape.
The must is placed into the stainless steel tanks for the fermentation at a controlled temperature: at the end of the fermentation the wine is obtained.
The clarification is obtained in a traditional way. The next step is the foaming process utilizing the Charmat Method which involves autoclave fermentation. In this process natural yeast is added to wine, and it turns sugar into elegant rising bubbles.
The winery uses a high-tech bottling line to bottle its own wine.
All the winemaking process is done in a painstakingly way to obtain high quality wines.